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Matt’s days are generally spent enjoying life with his wife and kids, actively engaging with his church, and occasionally biting off more than he can chew with house projects. Aquascaping was his entry into landscape architecture – Takashi Amano was his inspiration.



Matt is a collaborator with a heart for creating great experiences through outdoor spaces. He leads with an empathetic ear and helps communities and clients draw out the best of their ideas in the places they build for others. Matt brings together a strong, place-based design philosophy that recognizes and values the unique aspects of a project’s site, community, and context. 

He is an analytical and systems thinker who digs in deep to ensure a project’s successful execution. His attention to detail, engineering mindset, and drive to solve problems open opportunities for clients and communities to realize their goals, even in the face of difficult challenges. 


Matt brings a wealth of expertise across an array of planning, design, and construction endeavors, spanning parks and recreation spaces, zoo exhibits, commercial and mixed-use developments, urban projects, senior living communities, habitat restoration initiatives, streetscape enhancements, urban plazas, trails, schools, and athletic facilities. Through his versatile background, he empowers clients to cultivate innovative, resourceful, and successful solutions.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 
Michigan State University, 2010


American Society of Landscape


ASLA Emerging Professional

Committee (2016)

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