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Always looking for new inspiration, SuLin is a seasoned jet setter whose adventures have taken her around the globe both by air and sea. From Sweden to Iceland to South Korea, she loves exploring new cultures through the lens of local cuisine... just as long as chocolate is not on the menu!



With a strong eye for detail, SuLin is drawn to the technical components that serve as a foundation to the built environment. She excels at developing design solutions to complex grading and site challenges and strives to create landscapes that are ecologically functional public spaces. Her enthusiasm for environmental design and green infrastructure led her to become a Certified Stormwater Management Operator, and she excels at calculating detailed cost estimates from non-motorized trails to large-scale urban public spaces. SuLin's interests and extensive experience in documentation and construction administration are complemented by her enjoyment of field work, overseeing the transformation of the landscape through design. 

SuLin is a strong advocate for the landscape architecture field. Having served in leadership roles in both the National and Michigan Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for over two decades, she currently is the President of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Kotowicz brings a diverse perspective, energy, and collaborative spirit to her service. She places great value on community and belonging for all in the profession and is proud to be the first woman of color to serve as ASLA President.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture,

Ball State University, 2002


American Society of Landscape


DEQ Stormwater Management

   Operator Certification


Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.,

   Alliance Member

Embellish, Board Member


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